"I think you should take your job seriously, but not yourself.  That is the best combination." ~Dame Judi Dench

It's thrilling to continue to build my acting skills through commercial and on-camera auditioning classes, as well as roles in short films.   A lot has changed, but the basics remain the same.


I started those basics when I began acting professionally in the Southwest –in dinner theatre (that’s learning in the trenches) and later became its artistic director.  Next came auditioning and touring in NY, a stint as a technical writer (don’t ask), university teaching and temp work when auditioning.  These days, when I'm not acting, I coach folks for pitches, presentations and interviews (ranging from CEOs to transitioning military veterans, politicians, solopreneurs, and more).

A bit about me...

I'm so enjoying acting, after some amazing travels in Corporate America that included managing corporate communications for a Fortune 500 media mogul. 


Trust me, the corporate world utilized all my acting skills, as well as my background in directing, university teaching and PR.  Really.

This is such an exciting time to be in the business of creating and telling stories. It's a blast to be in the mix for what I love: shorts, indies and feature films, as well as TV and commercials. How cool is that?  


How can I help you tell your story?