Here's What's New... 

It's 2020 and I just booked a horror short film--I adore the genre and am so psyched.  In final callbacks for some unique projects, too.


2019 was a great year--I played a judge in the indie feature, Available Wife, directed by Jamal Hill. It was my Sandra Day O'Connor moment, for sure.

Had a blast playing a tipsy mom with no filter in In Transit. 

Played another mom, this time loving, but duplicitous, in The Last Day. 

Also shot an expanded version of the seasoned grifter I played in Conned, this time I'm manipulating a grandson into doing the dirty work. Also just finished teaching soft skills to some hard-working students at Lehman College.  Will be doing more of that later this year!

Have been discovering and meeting with some very gifted filmmakers.  Love working with young directors at Columbia for their in-class work.  Sharing different POVs is always useful! 

For on-camera, I continue to learn LOTS through coaching with Darlene Violette who is as giving as she is gifted.  Completed classes for Dying for the Camera: Horror Films --you haven't lived until you've cacked on camera!