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First impressions count...does yours?

“It isn’t melodramatic to say your destiny hangs upon the impression you make.”

–Barbara Walters

Here’s an exercise for you: Find a clock (cell phone, wristwatch, whatever) and watch it for seven seconds.

Not a very long time, is it? It’s just about how long you have to make a first impression. Create a good one, and it’s a foundation to build on; create a bad one, and it can take forever to re-shape it, if you can.

We constantly take in data and categorize it all as we do it. On the basis of someone’s looks, we decide if someone is trustworthy, smart, educated, fashion-savvy, married and…well, the list goes on, doesn’t it? So, how can you make sure that the very best you is front and center? Try this checklist:

☐ Smile—and mean it -- make eye contact and really see the person as you smile

☐ Offer a great handshake that has just the right amount of pressure (hint: you don’t want to be remembered for being a “bonecrusher” or a “limp fish”) Note: Handshakes during/post-Covid will be a challenge and should include gloves...

☐ Remember your posture: stand straight and be proud to be who you are

Most of all, take time to really think about what you want others to remember about you. That mindfulness is important and will come across even if you never utter a word.

Interviews/Presentations/Pitches Takeaway: It's your seven seconds--make them count.


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