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         ~Lily Tomlin

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“Of all the information I have collected to date, our meeting was the most helpful and most valuable, in my opinion.” ~T.W.


Asked & Answered

Q: I just did a really good presentation, but the Q&A session turned out to be chaotic.  How can I avoid that?

A: To me, the Q&A is just as important as the presentation-- it’s the last thing that the audience will remember.  Try to choreograph your session so that it’s clear as to who will be handling microphones for the audience. Also, remember to repeat the question before you answer it, as some folks won’t have heard the question, so the answer won’t mean much to them and it will be frustrating to all concerned.  Set your time limits, as well, so that things don’t go on and on. Recap the session at the end with your contact info and thank your audience for their interest.

Q: I don’t have a great memory.  Should I try to memorize my speech anyway?

A: A better strategy is to write some notes with key phrases to keep in front of you, but really know the beginning, middle and end.  That way, you’ll always be talking to your audience, not at them and can adjust your message to meet audience reactions.

Q: I really know my product and presentation, but can’t seem to connect with my audience.  How can I correct that?

A: Key to communicating well: the Audience.  How much do you know about your audience? Find out as much as you can about them and then gear your presentation to them (e.g., Don’t use technical jargon with non-techies—they’ll glaze over).